Choose Freight Movers Like Us for Your House or Office Relocation

Moving can be very tiring, right? So you hire moving companies to take care of everything for you. But what if you want to spend less than what the moving companies charge? Freight movers can move your belongings from your current location to your destination just like regular moving companies — but cheaper. Find out how a freight moving service in Hyattsville, MD like Big Joe's Moving LLC moves your stuff in a trustworthy and affordable way.

The Affordable Method of Moving

There are two types of freight services: FTL freight and LTL freight. FTL freight or full truckload shipping can accommodate the contents of a large house. It’s a 48- to 53-foot trailer that arrives ar your home 24-48 hours before your moving day. LTL freight or less than truckload shipping is a suitable option if your belongings do not fill a whole trailer. Your stuff will be moved along with other people’s belongings, needing several stops to pick up and drop off the stuff of each customer, so this method usually takes longer to be completed. Choosing freight moving means you need to pack your belongings in a specific manner. You need to shrink-wrap everything and prepare a crate for your shipment. Pro-tip: use quality packing materials to avoid damage, and clearly place your name and destination on your boxes.

Freight Moving by Professionals

We are a professional moving company that has been in the industry for almost a decade. We can accommodate all types of moving services, including freight, furniture, and appliance moving, furniture and appliance removal, foreclosure cleanout, eviction cleanout, office and house cleanout as well as commercial and residential cleaning. We are a trustworthy team, and we have provided highly satisfactory services for all our customers.

If your home or office in Hyattsville, MD is moving to a new place and you’re looking for a more affordable method of shipping your stuff, try our dependable freight movers. Big Joe's Moving LLC will treat your belongings carefully and will make sure they arrive at your destination in excellent condition. Call us now at (571) 206-0527 to set an appointment.

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